Sunday, October 11, 2009

Phix Energy and Sleep on K2

Earlier this year I got a great email and photo from Phix fan, Fabrice Imparato, about his Phix powered journey to K2. After our Everest summit earlier in the year, I was really excited to have Phix on another major mountaineering adventure.

Here's what Fabrice had to say about his experience - "I used Phix Sleep during the acclimatisation and it helped me have a full night sleep when my body had still not adjusted to the altitude.

Phix Energy gave me a kick start at the base of the route where speed was essential because of the avalanche danger. I felt I was flying through the first 1000m and the climbing was effortless despite the 50 degrees slope!

Here is a picture taken at 8000m (26246 ft) after reaching my high point on K2. It was a tough season on K2 and nobody summited this year due to deep snow…"

Thanks for sharing your experience Fabrice and congratulations on your amazing accomplishment! We hope that the weather cooperates next time and you're able to make your dream of summiting.

While it's not K2, I did have a great Phix powdered ride to the top of the Marin headlands yesterday. Nothing like San Francisco in the fall. Have you had a Phix powdered adventure anytime recently? If so, shoot me an email at will @ as I'd love to hear about it.

Be well,