Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Marathon- 50% of it is Half Mental!

Whether you're a zealous, perennial marathon buff, or a first-timer trying to train for the daunting task, there is necessary preparation everyone must undergo. Experienced runners know marathons are nothing to scoff at. It takes physical endurance, strength, proper training and diet. But there is one enigmatic characteristic, usually taken for granted, that supersedes all of the aforementioned steps: mental toughness.

For those who aspire to face the formidable challenge of conquering a first marathon, and for those who have run before only to be intimidated by the prospect of a second run— fear not—your friends at Phix are here! Our Phix team is devoted to spreading the message of achieving personal fitness goals through training tips and inspirational words from seasoned marathoners. We want to provide you with the necessary tools to become a marathon master.

A Phix-sponsored ultramarathoner, Chris Roman advises, "Always be cognizant of your body, train carefully and treat any injuries seriously." He also stresses the importance of mental preparation. As Roman’s trainer so perceptively stated (in a manner analogous to Yogi Berra), "The ability to push perceived limits is 90% mental, and the other 10% is in your head." Take it from Roman who competes in arguably one of the most physically strenuous activities—the ultramarathon—to tout the importance of mental vigor. He left us with an empowering quote that can be used to channel positive energy into training for and completing a marathon:

"We owe it to ourselves…To live by breaking down our self-imposed brick walls and finding out what lies behind them. The only impossible dreams are those that you do not believe are possible. When—and only when—you allow your mind to accept something as possible, does it become so."

Regardless of whether you are an ultramarathoner, a first-time participant in a half marathon, or anyone in between, every individual has the aptitude to succeed and achieve with the right attitude. You have what it takes to surmount any marathon you choose to conquer. Like everything else in life, nothing worth having comes easy—now go out there and show that marathon who’s boss!

To find out more about marathons and read up on training tips for all distances visit Hal Higdon’s website. Also, check out his book Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide.

Best of luck!

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