Monday, August 8, 2011

Open Space Yoga - Connect to Nature

This past weekend, New York yogis met on Governor's Island for the Lululemon sponsored, "Escape to Yoga Island" one day outdoor free yoga retreat. All summer long the athletic clothing retailer has made yoga accessible by hosting free classes in two city parks: Bryant Park and Prospect Park. By hosting these classes not only has the brand promoted its mission statement, but it has also capitalized on a recent trend to practice yoga outdoors.

Better known to aficionados as "Open space yoga," this trend revives the way yoga was originally meant to be experienced: in settings inspired by nature. Shaqueta Pierre, a seasoned ashantga yogi based out of Washington, DC commented, “Open space yoga truly allows you to connect with your natural environment and gain a deeper understanding of the inner connectedness of all things in the universe.” Indeed, taking the studio en plein air only enhances the original intention of practicing yoga and meditation: to expand consciousness and awareness of the universe.

For ideas on how to add a literal dimension to your sun salutations, check out Shape Magazine’s slideshow: “Top 7 Ways to Take Your Om Outside.”

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