Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's All About Attitude

We’ve been talking a lot about how to keep fit, how to eat healthily, and how to live naturally. There is no denying that health is the premise of everything. However, a healthy life is not just about a healthy body, but also about a healthy mind, or in other words, a healthy attitude.  Only an active attitude can allow us to be the masters of our lives. As the saying goes, "Either you control your life or your life controls you,, and it’s your attitude that can decide who is the horse and who is the jockey." Attitude factors into everything you do, whether or not you even realize it. If you are a positive person, not even the sky falling down could dampen your day. However, if you feel like the massive rain cloud in the sky is only following you around, let your friends at Phix offer you a few tips!

Be Confident

Self-confidence is the prerequisite to success and the secret to happiness. Confidence empowers you to overcome and conquer anything that is blocking your path to a better life. You may lack confidence because you don’t think you are good at anything, but that is not true! Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, so don’t just focus on your shortcomings. Yeah, you might not be the best at studying, but what about sports, music, dancing or some other aspects even you are not aware of? If you don’t have some specific skill you are especially proud of, think about your personality; are you an easygoing and honest person who has many friends and whom people tend to trust? That’s also a wealth. Try to dig out your strongpoints. Jot it down whenever you feel like you have achieved something, no matter how small the accomplishment is. It can be the time when you cooked something delicious, when you improved your workout, or when you felt like just helping someone out……Write it down and hang it on your wall, remember that at these moments you are the winner instead of the loser!

Be Realistic

Changes often come faster than planned. Life is changing, uncertain and unpredictable.  Between joys and sorrows, illness and death, natural disasters, birth, and every other momentous event, emotions are inevitable, and the most constant thing is change itself. So one way to protect yourself from getting hurt by the unpredictability of life is to be adaptable. Never be way too idealistic and take life for granted assuming that itwill go as expected. Idealism is an overly-extreme form of optimism that deprives you of fair expectations and sets the bar too high from the get-go setting yourself up for disappointment. Learn to be more like a chameleon that can change its color to adapt to the environment.  When you are struck by luck, don’t let the extreme blissfulness blind you. At the same time if you have hit some setbacks, don’t allow frustration to hinder you from exploring new paths.  They say that everything is good in moderation, and the same goes for attitude. Try to avoid both extremes—idealism and extreme pessimism, and stay in between the two ends of the spectrum. Sometimes it is best to expect the best but prepare for the worst; that keeps you ready for any challenge that may come in your way!

Be Open-Minded

Narrow-minded people can only see their own reflection in the mirror, because in their limited horizons, all they can tolerate is themselves.That’s why some people always seem to be down, and have a scowl on their faces. Well, of course it is true that everybody has the right to believe in whatever makes sense to them, but a real happy person is never some one that is only confined to his own world. You need to open your heart, to go out, talk, and listen to other people. Maybe you will came across many opponents of your beliefs, and I am sure you will, but the most important part is to learn and understand the views of others.. So don’t get angry because you meet an antagonist, smile because you have opened your eyes.

Your attitude isn’t something that is going to flip 180 overnight, but if you work on it a little bit each day, you will see that the world isn’t such a bad place, afterall. So you tell me, is the glass half empty or half full?

Stay Positive,

Your Friends at Phix

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