Friday, February 24, 2012

Train like a Spartan

They say that distance running is a mental game—you need to have the resolve to push yourself to keep going even when you want to give up. They also say that sprinting relies mostly on physical ability. Whoever runs the fastest in short bursts will win the race; there is no time for thinking. What if there was a race in which you needed to be equally strong, both physically and mentally? That is plausible. How about if that race had obstacles, such as fire, barbed wire, mud, and even people trying to trip you with one of those double-sided foam ‘swords’ they use in American Gladiators? That seems ridiculous and unfeasible, yet so oddly specific it must exist right? Oh yeah. It’s called the Spartan Race. People actually pay to sign up for this cruel and unusual punishment, as it has become one of the most popular (and toughest) competitions around! Distance running + interval sprinting + grueling obstacles = Spartan Race. Now, that is a formula truly created for the athlete looking to push themselves to the limit!
This year, Phix is one of the proud sponsors of the daunting Spartan Race! We will be there both days (2/25 and 2/26) providing free Phix refreshments and energizing the athletes to help them get both mentally and physically amped up for their big race!
If you want to train like a Spartan, stop making excuses! Grab a Phix Energy, and get out there and GO DO IT!

Your friends at Phix

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dont Worry, Be Happy!

We all say we just want to be happy. However, some of us say it until we’re blue in the face, but don’t do anything about it! If you’re looking for us to tell you how to be happy, you’re barking up the wrong tree—there is no blueprint for happiness. Some people want money, others just need friends and family, and for some, just a piece of chocolate is enough to lift their spirits! While we can’t tell you what will make you happy, your friends at Phix are here to give you some general tips on how to improve your current happiness levels!
For starters, don’t just think about your own happiness. Believe it or not, even if you are in a bad mood, or feeling down, doing something nice for someone else will actually make you feel better! Compliment a stranger, tell your partner how nice they look, or even just hold the door open for someone a couple of steps back—you’d be surprised what it might do for your own happiness! Getting caught up in oneself sometimes takes away the joy of the simple things in life.
Avoid spending time around negative people. Even if you consider someone your best friend, their negative energy could be rubbing off on you without you noticing it. Spending time around happy, positive people ALWAYS has a positive effect; remember-- smiling is contagious!
Do things that make you happy, not what you think will make others happy. Although this may seem like a contradiction to the first suggestion, it is not. This is not to say ‘don’t do things that make others happy’ but basically, be yourself and don’t try to impress or please others! If you don’t like going out drinking, don’t just do it just because your friends are, or because they want you to! You can have as much fun just being there with your friends having a soda!
Finally, take 30 minutes a day just to do something YOU like—alone. Whether it’s just reading the paper, watching your favorite show, gardening, going for a run, or writing a poem—do it! But don’t ever tell yourself that you are too  busy to take 30 minutes out of the day to do something for you!
Hint: for those 30 minutes start an ongoing project! For example, 30 minutes a day, work on pottery, or restore an old car, or start up a new garden in your back yard! This will get you excited about something every day, and will keep your mind on something positive, fun, and most of all, something you are doing for YOU. Whatever you are doing, just know, that you DESERVE to be happy! As Yogi Berra once said, “90% of the game is half mental,” so go into it with the right mindset!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

Are you tired of doing the same thing for Valentine’s Day every year? Dinner, gift exchange, “romantic” night in with your loved one? Don’t get me wrong; this is definitely great, but why not step it up a notch. Add back some of that excitement you had when you first started dating—be spontaneous, outgoing, and well, fun! Your friends at Phix are here to give you some great ideas to get your hearts racing, and your blood flowing this Valentine’s Day!

We know that a romantic dinner on this special day is a must. Weather permitting, take a hike somewhere scenic, and don’t forget your picnic basket! Not only will the actual hike be fun and invigorating while giving you time to actually talk (the most underrated Valentine’s Day activity), but spreading a blanket, breaking out a bottle of wine along with your favorite Vday treats and snacks like a couple of college kids fist falling in love will bring a smile to both of your faces! Not to mention, you can use the hike back to burn off some of those chocolate calories J If you live in a tropical area, substitute the trails for the beach—what’s more romantic than walking the shoreline while the sun sets behind you? If it is too cold to get outside, ditch the restaurant, and cook a new meal (that neither of you have ever tried to make before) together, and skip the dinner table and have a picnic in your house! If you have a fireplace, I think you know where to set up the picnic!

Believe it or not, a ‘blue-collar’ dinner date might be exactly what the doctor ordered! Instead of dressing up and dining on expensive cheeses that you can’t pronounce, go to Dave & Busters, play Skeeball, go bowling, hit the arcade machines, and feast on a burger and fries, and split a milkshake! Tell me that doesn’t sound fun, I dare you. If you are on a budget, just go for a nature walk, or cuddle up on the couch, watch a movie and split a tub of popcorn. Valentine’s Day should be more about spending time with your loved ones, than spending money on your loved ones. Here’s a question to ask yourself: how often do you just sit and talk with your partner?

After a tiring evening of fun and games (literally), head back home and give each other massages. Not only is this an intimate and great way to cap off your day, but if you took our advice, you will both be physically drained and a massage will be the perfect nightcap! Of course, there are other ways to burn off some of those Valentine’s Day calories, and cap off the night…                        

Enjoy each other J

Your Friends at Phix